Educational Institution & Social Service Organization

We believe that leader was not inborn. Everyone can be a leader with their own character. Leadership is not only a position, but a visionary attitude. Therefore, our leadership program not only focuses on conveying technique and knowledge, but at the same time, we inspire individuals to develop different leadership styles.


As John Doone said,’ No one is an island.’ Everyone is being placed in different environments to cooperate with different people. From carrying different housework duties in a family to motivate citizen to participate in Olympic Games, both of the examples are to using the power of teamwork to complete tasks.


What does a good teamwork need? It requires common goal, effective leadership, conflicts resolution and collective decision making. No matter a team member or a leader, everyone’s talent and team spirit can be enhanced through training, so as to achieve the goals. Therefore, apart from developing professional skills, individual needs to develop their team spirit and effective leadership so that they can achieve the synergy effect of 1+1>2.


Youngsters are the hope of their parents, and also the future of our society. We believe that everyone has their own treasurable personality, and which is yet to be developed. The history told us people with good capability but bad attitude would bring negative effects to the society. So we aim to develop youngsters’ good characters such as integrity, responsivity, optimistic, thoughtful and patience, etc. And we encourage them to apply the good characters in their daily lives. Youngsters are influenced by our society. There is need to build up good characters among them. We believe that let the teenagers to face and fix problems by themselves is the best lesson for their growth.

Training Themes

-Personal Growth:Character Building, Self-Discipline, Leadership, Personality Test etc.

-Team Development:Teamwork, Communication, Relationship Building, Leadership Development, Discipline Training, Behavioral Analysis etc.

-Skills Training:Mountaineering, Kayaking, Climbing, Orienteering, Camping, Knotting etc.

-Training Platform:Providing supports of venue, administration, logistic and hard skills.

Training Tools

  • High Event Rope Course
  • Low Event Adventure
  • Abseiling
  • Water Adventure
  • Wild Camping
  • Backwoods Cooking
  • Mountain Craft
  • Foot Drill Training
  • Lecture
  • Workshop
  • Services Learning