Anchor House

Our Vision

Respond to Calling
Execute Potentials
Contribute to Community

Our Mission

Discover One’s Potentials

Create a Legend for life


Anchor House is a service unit of The Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong. It started in 2001, moved into Ma Wan Noah’s Ark in 2009. It has been named as Anchor House since then. The training service to external parties has greatly expanded. Anchor House serves approximately 30,000 trainees annually, and it provides personal growth and team development training service to children, youth and adult.

(Kolb’s Cycle of Experiential Learning 1984)

Our Values

1 Life Project
The growth of life requires long-lasting motivation and careful thought. It is a GREAT project that one has to be cautious careful about.

2 Beliefs
Anchor House believes each of us has our unique characters, potentials and callings.
Anchor House believes everyone has the potential to be better.

3 Relational Dimensions
A comprehensive transformation has to be done with 3 relationships, including the one with oneself, with others and with God.

4 Learning Stages
Instead of a one-way teaching style, Anchor House focuses on Experiential Learning.
interactive activities. Participants will grasp related knowledge and skill through activity experiences, reflection on experiences, conceptualisation and practices of learning experiences.

Our Work

  1. Anchor House is passionate in providing participants a safe and supportive environment to facilitate self-breakthrough, team work and the colors of life.
  2. Carrying the dedication and the mission of the Boys’ Brigade, Anchor House
    devoted herself in nurturing groups of humble, gentle, open-minded, responsible future leaders.
  3. Adhering the core values of the Boys’ Brigade, Anchor House aligns her training with Christian values which aims at virtues and values building.

Our services fall into three main areas, including Training, Event Planning and Social Service.

Our Training:

Personal Growth: Character Building, Self-Discipline, Leadership, personality test etc.

Team Development: Teamwork, Communication, Relationship Building, Leadership Development etc.

Skills Training: Mountaineering, Kayaking, Sports Climbing, Orienteering, Camping, Knotting etc.

Training Platform: Supports of venue, administration, logistic, hard skills support for our

training partners in a win-win approach.

Event Planning

Anchor House can plan, organize or co-organize your conference, annual events, study tour, festival celebrations etc.

Social Service

Integrating training and social service, Anchor House designs and implements service learning, volunteer training, corporate social responsibility projects etc. It is not only that we care for our community, but also we develop excellent teams.


Anchor House is located at the beautiful and well-equipped Ma Wan Noah’s Ark. Anchor House is supplemented with well-designed indoor and outdoor training facilities. All those enable us to conduct a variety of activities.