Venue Introduction

Anchor House is located at Ma Wan Noah’s Ark which bordered by Tsing Ma Bridge, Beach, Fishing Village and Nature Garden.


Our indoor activity rooms are well equipped for training, meeting, retreat, etc. Moreover, Adventureland is a high-event ropes course facility which provides an opportunity to experience challenge in height.


Adventure Land High Rope Course

The Adventure Land High rope course in “Noah’s Ark Hong Kong” is one of the most important training tools for the adventure training in Anchor House. There are 4 Zones in the Adventure Land: Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, Zone D. There are 3 different challenges in each zone and different rope course zones are used for increasing the effectiveness of the training. Every trainer from Anchor House has the qualification of High rope course operation and have rich experience of handling this High rope course facility. Our trainers will put your safety in our first prior concern.

Self- Breakthrough Challenge

Zone A

  • Challenge 1: Windows、The Bridge of Bravery
  • Challenge 2: Balance Beam、Two-line Bridge
  • Challenge 3: Courage Rope、Cargo Net


Zone B

  • Challenge 1: Spin Traverse、Double Windows
  • Challenge 2: Bridge of Faith、X Cross
  • Challenge 3: Sky Ladder、Tarzan’s Swing


Capacity of each zone (Zone A and Zone B):30 persons

Team Building Training

Zone C

  • Challenge 1: The Cross
  • Challenge 2: Giant Ladder
  • Challenge 3: Fire Cracker Ladder


Zone D

  • Challenge 1: Levitating Wall
  • Challenge 2: The Trio
  • Challenge 3: 3D Giant Ladder


Capacity of each zone (Zone C and Zone D):60 persons

Indoor Activity Room (Anchor Room)

Booking suspended

This is the capacity of lecture mode and the capacity provided is for your reference. If you would like to reserve the room for indoor activity, please contact us for more information.